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Craters of the Moon National Park

Craters of the Moon National Park is one of the coolest places ever. Located in Arco, Idaho, it’s off the beat-and-path, but totally worth the trip. If you’re into other worldly landscapes, you need to go there…

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Hazleton Historic Places Series


Detail of Hazleton Senior High School, Hazleton, PA

Framed prints from the Hazleton Historic Places Series, commissioned by Landmark Bank, are now available on my online store! Stop by and see the new Landmark Bank office located at 781 Airport Road in Hazle Township…

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Wasatch Mountains, Utah

Pics from my recent trip to Salt Lake City, the Wasatch Mountains – Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons. I love this area!!

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Autumn 2016


The most wonderful time of the year… Leaves change, harvest happens and let’s not forget the fairs and festivals. This post is a collection of images from Fall 2016.

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Abstract Paintings


“Tea & Sympathy” acrylic, paper on .25” oak panel, framed

Check out some of my latest abstract paintings. Acrylic/Mixed Media and Recycled Materials…

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Ode to Conner – our English Setter


Collection of pics of Conner. He’s a six years old English Setter with a big personality, we adopted him over a year ago…
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Corvette Crazy


I’m a big fan of the early 60’s Vettes, but they are all sweet in their own way. I shot these at Fairway Motors in Hazleton at their annual Corvette show…

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Olde Good Things – I [ heart ] U


I love this place, making order out of chaos, and of course, old good things!
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2014 & 2015 in Photos

Image picks from two years – in no particular order 🙂 Click to take a look inside, preview all 40 pages and order yours – softcover (8″ x 10″) or hardcover (13″ x 10″).

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Scenes from Antelope Island


Antelope Island, just North of Salt Lake City, is part of what is known as the Basin and Range, stretching from the Wasatch mountains on the east to the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the West. It is the largest island on Great Salt Lake at just over 28,000 acres, stretching 15 miles long and about 5 miles wide… Read more