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New Photo Book (2016 & 2017)

Year in photos 2016 & 2017 (so far I know it’s not over yet)! Scenes from Pennsylvania, Utah, Nevada and California, some middle-of-nowhere stuff my favorite kind….

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2014 & 2015 in Photos

Image picks from two years – in no particular order 🙂 Click to take a look inside, preview all 40 pages and order yours – softcover (8″ x 10″) or hardcover (13″ x 10″).

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A Year in Photographs




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Farm 365

Farm 365 Book

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NEPA Style – Volume 2

NEPA Style, Volume 1

These photographs are a collection of images taken near my home, in Northeastern Pennsylvania, over the past year. Some are reminiscent of the hard working immigrants who mined coal, labored in factories and worked the land as farmers. My work is a process of my surroundings and finding beauty in the decay. I’m proud to be from NEPA and hope you enjoy these photos as much as I’ve loved capturing them.

-Jacqueline Evans

On the cover: “Lunchtime at the Pine’s” Byorek’s Knotty Pine’s before demolition in 2010.

Photographs taken with a Leica M9 digital rangefinder, (except for Angela Park, shot on 120 film and Postie’s Birch Beer taken with my iphone).